Extract Audio from A YouTube Video

YouTube – The go to platform to listen to the popular podcasts or catch up with your favorite creators or listen to your vibey tunes that makes you groove with the beat. Have you ever come across a music so captivating that you wanted to save it to savor for later? Even though there is a download feature on the app itself, it’s a pain to access them sometimes. They even go missing in some cases! Also, a huge video takes up so much unnecessary space! What to do in an event like this? Download them in MP3 format, but you might be wondering how do I extract audio from a YouTube video on my computer?

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Extract Audio from A YouTube Video

Trust me when I say its not a difficult job to extract audio from a YouTube video, that too for free! Our website is an excellent free tool to get the job done in an instant! No hidden links and no embarrassing pop ups, just copy, paste and enjoy your favorite songs in a high-quality format.

Let me walk you through the process to make it even easier to grasp. Check the below instructions carefully to get your audio extracted from any YouTube link in a matter of seconds! Here you go

How To Download YouTube Videos to Audio on Pc

Extract Audio from A YouTube Video on My Computer

Here is a step by step process on how to download music videos from YouTube –

  • Step 1: Find the youtube video of which you want to extract the audio from
  • Step 2: Copy the URL of your desired youtube video from the search bar of the browser. No worries if you are using the app. Simply find the share icon just below the title of the video, and hit ‘copy link’.
  • Step 3: Now that you have the link copied on your clipboard, Visit https://youtubetowav.com/.
  • Step 4: At the very top of the page you will find a box that says ‘Enter the video link’
  • Step 5: Remember the link copied on your clipboard? Paste is here and hit download (the icon on the left of the box)
  • Step 6: Give the free to use website a few seconds to fetch all the data, and you should be seeing two options presented to you to download either a WAV format or an MP4.
  • Step 7: Hit Download WAV and in seconds your desired file will be ready to download. Hit the Download now button and just like that you are DONE!

Check the progress bar of your phone or the downloads folder on your pc if you are having trouble finding the file. See? Told you its going to be a piece of cake!

It’s really not a challenging task to figure out how to download music videos from YouTube to a computer for free! However, it’s a challenging task to find out a reliable website. Many of my friends suffered humiliation trying to find a good free website that will get the job done quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, not a lot of websites offer you the same results without gaining something out of it.

We on the other hand created this website from the passion of serving music lovers a platform to enjoy music without limit. Gone are the days when you had to search for ‘ABC music download for free MP3’ and go through a million websites only to be disappointed at the end by getting spammed or, downloading a low-quality audio file.

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Want to download music of your choice guilt free and quick? There is no better option than to choose our website as we process your YouTube videos to WAV instantaneously and we keep the quality intact.

A word of caution before you proceed to use the audio files for personal use. Sometimes we often try to download an audio file with an intent to use them for personal use. Which can be done however, the consent of the artist is crucial to avoid any legal issues from your end.

Indeed, it cannot always be possible for you to reach out to the original artist and ask for consent. In these cases, giving the artist the credit to the audio is the best practice. Remember that it is illegal and a punishable crime to use art of any form for personal gain without the consent of the original artist, it can lead to serious consequences. So, we urge you to seek the permission from the source before using the audio to use it for personal gains.